We can provide you the sampling tools and do a lab analysis of the SF6 gas condition

GSCU - Gas Sample Collection Unit

The proprietary GSCU (Gas Sample Collection Unit) has been designed to eliminate the need for SF6 collection devices equipped with vacuum pumps. The device is compact, self-contained and user-friendly. The all-stainless steel GSCU Sampling Kit includes purge and sample cylinders, a custom-designed manifold, three isolation valves, a vacuum/pressure gauge, low-volume stainless steel tubing (eliminates dead-air space) and an easy-to-use sampling instruction guide. The GSCU comes with a limited, six-month warranty.


Following assembly, the GSCU is fully pressure-checked in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Prior to shipment (both new and returned) the device is purged and dried to eliminate moisture. A vacuum is applied and the units are then ready for shipment. The GSCU requires no further preparation and is ready for use in the field. The GSCU is designed to maintain vacuum or pressure to meet normal shipping/handling requirements. Samples are typically collected within minutes and there is negligible release of SF6 to the atmosphere. In order to eliminate dead-air space, We have developed custom adapters that will accommodate most sampling valve configurations. Many of the adapters are stock items. Staff engineers are available to assist with individual adapter requirements.


Our laboratory can do SF6 gas analysis for you

Analysis of the gas for contaminants and arc decomposition products combined with an understanding of the reactions and reaction conditions provides the basis to assess the condition of the SF6-filled equipment.

bulletMaintenance costs are reduced by identifying breakers in need of maintenance
bulletInternal components are monitored reducing the need for internal inspections
bulletGas processing and handling costs are reduced
bulletReliability is improved
bulletSafety is enhanced


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